Download Instructions for FTR Player

Thank you for choosing to use the FTR Player. Please find download instructions below.


FTR Player is recommended for transcription purposes. Alternatively, if you are an attorney, lawyer or party to proceeding and simply wanting to listen to an FTR recording, ask the Court for a copy of the digital court recording on CD or USB, upload it in its native TRM format, and play the audio via your browser with our free online Web Player. 

Supported Browsers for FTR Player

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera

If you are running an old browser or a browser not listed here, please consider upgrading your browser before downloading from our store.

Internet Explorer 11 Download Instructions

If you are unable to upgrade your browser, please follow the insutrctions below when purchasing our digital download products.

1. At the Order Confirmed page, you will receive a DOWNLOAD link for the digital download. Click "Download Now".

Order Confirmed - Download Now Link

2. On the Download Now page, click "Download Now".

Download Now Link

3. When the option to "Run, Save or Cancel" appears, please click the down-arrow next to SAVE. A sub menu will appear.

Save Download File

4. Click "Save As" on the Sub Menu.


5. Ensure the filename has the .exe extension when saving the file ie. FTRPlayer571.exe or FTRPlayer562.exe when the file is downloaded.


    If you cannot rename the file at the time of download, please do the following:

    1. Open your downloads folder
    2. Right click the downloaded file and select "Rename" or press F2.
    3. Ensure the file is named with the correct extension. ie. FTRPlayer571.exe or FTRPlayer562.exe

    Once your file is correctly named, you can Double Click the file to run.

    Any further questions, please Contact our support team.