FTR Player 7.6.51 Download

FTR Player 7.6.51 Download


Suitable for:

  • Windows 10 32-bit & 64-bit
  • Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2022


As the justice system shifts towards a hybrid model, FTR Player has been enhanced to better support more users working remotely. 

Version 7.6 offers the industry-leading court record playback, allowing for total control of audio and video channels to facilitate efficient and accurate transcription of digital court recordings. 

This release of FTR Player addresses below issues in 7.6.50:

  • Fixes the issue that foot control crashes Player on Windows 11 22H2
  • Supports live listening in polling mode
  • Refines the error message when playing inaccessible files on Warehouse Server
  • Fixes the issue that inaccessible sealed files on Warehouse Server are shown as public
  • Fixes the issue that some session files(.trs) are not playable.

Key Features in 7.6:

  • Simultaneous 16 audio channel and four video channel view, including channel isolation and individual volume adjustments.
  • Updates to improve stability, including background buffering, for uninterrupted playback in the event of poor network connectivity and automatic recovery after network dropouts.
  • Enabled group policy to manage access to recordings.
  • Automatic detection if the sound card is muted/not installed on starting.
  • Last video window position, size and mode is remembered upon reopening.
  • Automatically detects installation on Hyper-V and sets the video renderer accordingly to playback multi-channel video recordings.
  • Reduced search and load times in FTR Player during remote monitoring.
  • Support for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022. 
  • Includes usability improvements during periods of poor network connectivity.

Please visit the Product Updates page on our website to download the latest updates for FTR Player. 

      Help Guides

      Download 7.6 User Guide

      Download 7.6 Quick Reference Guide

      Download 7.6 Setup Guide




      FTR Gold 5.6.2 
      (or below)

      Windows XP

      FTR Player 5.6.2

      FTR Gold 5.7.0 (or above)

      Windows XP

      There is no FTR Player compatible


      Windows 7

      FTR Player 6 (or higher)


      Windows 10

      Windows 11

      Windows Server 2022

      FTR Player 7.0 (or higher)



      Loading FTR .TRM Files

      When you receive recordings made on an FTR system from a court, you will generally receive a number of .TRM files; FTR records in 5 minute blocks to simplify distribution of content, so you should see a number of files with “.TRM” after the file name (12 .TRM files make up approximately 1 hour of audio).  

      • To start playback, open FTR Player and click the Open button 
      • Click the manage search folders button and add a search folder to the content you want to play or click the Other… button and navigate to the folder the recordings are in and select all the files you want to play.  
      • Clicking ‘Open’ will start the audio playing in FTR Player. Please see the user guide here for more information. 

      In addition to .TRM media files, FTR Player opens standard media file types such as WMV, MP3, WAV, AVI, MPG, BWF, WMA and ASF and also integrates with FTR Log Notes for a complete playback experience in production or review.